Microsoft Teams


In 2021, the number of companies that adopt team collaboration software has dramatically risen, with some of the most growth occurring with Microsoft Teams. As of the fourth quarter in 2020, Microsoft is reporting over 115 active users, increasing over 50% from the previous six months.

As more and more people move their workstations from the office to home, businesses face a challenge in adjusting their technology to fit the work methods of their workforce. Corporate executives and employees need to collaborate from different locations seamlessly. Microsoft Teams solves this problem.

If your business is already using Microsoft with Office 365, adding Microsoft Teams is a snap, making some collaboration software providers worried when they shouldn’t be. Microsoft Teams can work to your advantage by seamlessly working in unison with the communications and collaboration software your business may already be utilizing.

Microsoft Teams + EOS + You!


Microsoft Teams is NOT an overall complete solution. Enter Extended Office Solutions — a bridge UC&C platform that integrates directly with your Microsoft Teams Portal. With this integration, you can collaborate with features such as real-time analytics, reporting, contact center communication, conferencing, mobility, monitoring, and more services that are not available with your Microsoft Teams platform. And, if the solutions don’t meet your needs out-of-the-box with the UC&C Extended Office Solutions platform, you can use your expertise to create solutions that are more customized for your needs outside of the Microsoft platform.

With the Extended Office Solutions platform, you can access white label solutions to personalize your portal for end-users within the Microsoft Teams UI. This flexibility solves a top-level issue most platforms do not provide. With Extended Office Solutions, you can rest assured that our platform development focuses from the top down to make our plethora of features easy for businesses that have invested much time and energy in the Microsoft suite.

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