Contact Center

Promote productivity and increase revenue for any contact center with the add-on features available through EOS cloud-based contact and call center solutions.

Ensure that your customers enjoy a consistent, high-quality experience, whether your center is staffed remotely or onsite. Choose from a menu of service-enhancing features and advanced call management, supervisor controls, quality assurance and detailed reporting tools easily accessed on any device through customizable user portals. Gather information about an entire call center or take a deep dive into the more granular metrics. Track real-time statistics like number of calls waiting, average wait time, average handling time, abandon rates, calls answered and call volume. Get visual alerts to quickly manage quality thresholds and make adjustments before they’re exceeded.

Advanced Call Management

Empower your customers with call management tools that they can configure to fit any call center.
• Queue Based Routing
• Configurable Time Frames
• Hunt Groups
• Call Parking
• Answering Rules
• Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
• IVR/ Auto Attendant

Supervisor Controls

Contact center supervisors can manage the activities of their agents, monitor call flow, and analyze reports within the NetSapiens Platform.
• Real Time Management
• Dashboard and Reports
• Whisper, Barge, Listen In
• Contact History Database
• CRM Integration
• Configurable Call Monitoring

Quality Assurance

Ensure a positive customer experience through the use of quality monitoring tools and highly available network architecture.
• n-Share
• Call Recording
• Call Analytics and Alerts
• Real Time QoS Monitoring
• SIP Ladder Graphs

Detailed Reporting

Gain insight into contact center performance with a wide range of detailed reporting available in the user portals. Reports can be as wide as entire organizations or as granular as a single agent in a specific call queue.
• Customizable Dashboard
• Queue Statistics
• Agent Statistics
• Agent Availability reporting
• DNIS statistics

UC Integration

Contact Center features are accessible through the NetSapiens online user portal, allowing them to be accessed anywhere from any device.
• Integrated Fax
• Voicemail to Email
• Presence on Multiple Devices
• Simultaneous Ring
• Click to Call
• Web-based Agent Portal
• Supported Mobility of Agents