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EOS Cloud

EOS Cloud functionality is integral to any modern day business. It is no longer necessary for businesses to have a closet full of traditional landline equipment on their premises in order to obtain the features offered by traditional PBX systems. In fact, EOS Cloud can give businesses even more features than a traditional PBX system with the flexibility to grow and change to adapt to the business needs of the future.

Extended Office Solutions offers all of this functionality in a simple concurrent call licensing model, so that the service provider does not have to worry about adding features on an a la carte basis as needed. With our EOS solution, a service provider has the ability to differentiate themselves from the competition by bundling these features in different packages to meet the needs of their smallest business, their largest enterprise, or anywhere in between.

Key Features

Intuitive Web Based Management

White Label Ready

Multi-Vendor Device Support

Multi-Tenant Capabilities


Flexible Call Handling

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