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Hosted PBX

Solutions for Businesses of all Sizes

Phone system that’s delivered as a hosted service, Frequently referred to as virtual PBX, a hosted PBX can free businesses from having to invest in the costly equipment of a complex business phone system, while still enabling the company to utilize telephony features like voicemail, faxing, automated greetings, touchtone menus, conference calling, call auditing and calling logs, unified communications and much more.

Hosted PBX companies handle call routing/switching, at their own location and are responsible for managing all of the PBX equipment and software involved in the virtual PBX service. Hosted PBX services can function over the Internet or private data circuits e.g. MPLS SD-WAN.

Get more features in the cloud than from traditional wired phone systems. EOS Cloud is a complete, hosted unified communications platform that gives you high-quality voice and productivity applications – including contact center solutions – to help your business grow and keep it growing, with scalable, cloud-based solutions and the latest phone and data products to fit your unique business model.

Small, medium and large businesses can enjoy the benefits of advanced unified communications without the capital expense. You pick the monthly plan and pricing to meet your needs, and we give you access to EOS servers in the cloud through customizable user portals to future-proof your communications. We can even manage and monitor your system for you for reliable 24/7 service and peace of mind.

Phone Features Explained

Voicemail Storage per VM

A voicemail system is a computer-based system that allows users and subscribers to exchange personal voice messages. Voicemail storage is based on the amount of memory available per mailbox. It's important to manage voicemail boxes to insure mailboxes do not reach capacity or callers will be able to leave new messages.

Day/Night Automated Attendant

This is the professional greeting callers hear if the incoming call to the designated business phone line is not answered. The automated attendant will provide menu prompts so callers can determine for themselves which option is preferred. The auto attendant can also be programmed to include a dial by name directory as well as ring groups to forward inbound callers to a specific group (i.e. dial 1 for sales, dial 2 for accounting, etc.) There are both day, night and alternate greeting options available, depending on plan purchased. Each greeting can be programmed to meet the unique needs of each business.

1-Year Support

12 months of Extended Office Solutions warranty support and maintenance for Enterprise clients. Includes both onsite service and phone support from date of installation.

Phone Twinning

Twinning is a process whereby your calls ring on two phones simultaneously such as a desk phone (office extension) and a mobile phone. Twinning is only available if programmed / configured by the system administrator.


Mobility features are included with Professional and Enterprise plans. This allows for businesses users to access their phone systems core capabilities on any device from anywhere. Mobility enabling technologies improve communications.


Enterpise plans include Hot desking (sometimes referred as hoteling) is a feature that allows multiple employees to share the same phone on one desk or in a conference room. Users simply login to the phone with a password and their user settings are enabled on the phone. This allows employess to work in any workspace that has a phone and access their extension.

Video Conferencing

Enterprise plans include video conferencing as a standard option. User can initiate audio-video conference calls providing real-time collaboration between 2 or more participants to conduct online face to face meetings in lieu of meeting in person.

Conference Bridge

Optional Add-on Feature for all plans. A conference bridge allows a group of people to participate in a phone call. Participants dial into a virtual meeting room from their own phone. Meeting rooms can hold X of participants.

Call Recording

Optional Add-on Feature for all plans. Automatic call recording will record all of that extension’s incoming and outgoing calls. Recordings can be enabled for individual or multiple users and can be downloaded or played back any time.

Attendant Console

Enterprise plan feature that is a sofware application that is loaded on the operators PC that allows for easy management of inbound calls. Calls can be transferred to an individual extension or a group.


Optional Add-on Feature for all plans. Internet fax, e-fax, or online fax uses the internet and internet protocols to send and receive a fax, rather than using a standard telephone connection and a fax machine.

Instant Messaging

Professional and Enterprise Plan feature. Instant messaging (IM) / online chat for business. Real-time text communication over the Internet.

Call Whisper

Call whisper, otherwise known as call screening, is a calling feature that involves the playing of a message to the agent when they have answered an inbound call, during which time the caller continues to hear ringing.

Mobile Apple/Android Apps

Professional and Enterprise Plan feature. EOS Mobile allows users the ability to manage contacts, voicemail, call history and configurations in a single location. This includes the management of answering rules. greetings, and presence which all contribute to more efficient communication. App can be downloaded from the Apple and Google/Android App Stores.

Shared Calling Experience

Shared Calling Experience is a feature that allows you to have more than one device assigned to a user account. This means users can have a phone at the office, another phone at their home office, and the EOS Mobile App on a smartphone, and user can make and receive calls from any of these devices via their office phone number.

Softphone Phone PC/Mac

Professional and Enterprise Plan feature. VoIP softphone used to make phone calls from a PC or Mac computer. Supports call recording, call conferencing and more.

Unlimited US calling

EOS VoIP Plans includes Unlimited US calling. No charge for local or long distance call. No limits

Visual Voicemail

All plans include a Visual Voicemail Interface. When callers leave users a voicemail, the phone number and length of message will be visible in the incoming message log. If multiple messages are left users will see all messages in a list view. Users are able to play voicemails back by clicking the play button rather than dialing into the users voice mailbox.

Voicemail to Email

All plans include Voicemail to Email. User extensions can be configured to have voicemail messages forwarded to the users Email. Voicemails are recorded and presented in Email as .WAV file type and can be played back directly from the email. Length of voicemail and phone number of caller are included in the Email. All subject lines of Emails will include incoming caller phone number

Call Center Hot-desking

Call Center Plan includes Hot desking (sometimes referred as hoteling). This feature allows multiple employees to share the same phone on one desk. Users simply login to the phone with a password and their user settings are enabled on the phone. This allows employess to work in any workspace that has a phone and access their extension.

Call Recording 30-day 150 MB

Automatic call recording when enabled, will record each agent extension incoming and outgoing calls. Recordings can be downloaded or played back any time. Keeping call recordings for compliance and training purposes in call center environments is common practice.

Join In

Call Center feature that allows an Agent to login to the call center queue to be considered an active agent available to receive inbound calls.

On-Demand Call Recording

Enterprise plan feature allows for on-demand call recording of an active phone call at the touch of a button. Calls are recorded and saved into the users voice mail box for retrieval after the recording is completed