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Looking for a fast, dedicated, and reliable company to maintain your high-speed internet, high-priority data, and private connections? Extended Office Solutions is a proven industry leader and guarantees to bring the latest technology to your growing business. Property managers and business owners have teamed up with Extended Office Solutions to provide high speed internet utilizing fiber directly to their buildings.


Colocation is a data center facility housing our clients’ servers and computer hardware that you can rent for your company as well.

Our Data Center located in the heart of Los Angeles. Pricing at this facility is extremely competitive and it offers several cabinet configurations. The Data Center has Full UPS power protection and provides generator backup. The Data Center is equipped with the most modern in climate control available to assure the safest operating environments for reliability. We offer flexible cabinet configurations and each cabinet is equipped with remote reboot strips which give you the ability to reboot your equipment from outside the data center.

Bonded T1

Extended Office Solutions will bond several dedicated T1 lines to provide increased bandwidth up to 9Mbps to meet with the demands of your company without the cost of implementing a full T3 solution. T1 lines can be added or removed at any time to remain flexible. Bonded T1 technology is perfect for hosting services such as application and web servers from a central headquarters location to remote office locations. By increasing the bandwidth at the headquarter location all remote offices benefit from the added performance and reliability.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless is the operation of wireless systems that connects two or more fixed locations, building with a radio or other wireless link. Usually, fixed wireless is part of a wireless LAN infrastructure. Fixed wireless data links are often a cost-effective alternative to leasing fiber or installing cables between the buildings. Extended Office Solutions offers free consultations and will set up and optimize your fixed wireless network between your offices if this is the best solution for your company.

Ethernet Over Copper

Ethernet over Copper is the latest and fastest growing service providing high speed internet and bandwidth.

This technology utilizes multiple copper loops that allow your business to achieve speeds up to 50Mbps based on distance to the Central Office (CO). Many customers are switching their T1 lines to Ethernet over Copper because it is faster and cheaper. Extended Office Solutions’s Ethernet over Copper product guarantees 99.99% reliability backed up with a solid Service Level Agreement (SLA). Ordering Ethernet over Copper is easy, we handle all of the installation of the copper loops, customer premise equipment, router deployment and setup.

Ethernet Over Fiber

EOS’s Ethernet over Fiber (EoF) service is a super high-speed and scalable broadband bandwidth solution delivered over a private line. The type of line that is used to deliver business EoF is fiber. Fiber can deliver speeds from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Extended Office Solutions will “Hand off” an Ethernet cable to your network, making connecting to the Broadband Internet simple and efficient.


Extended Office Solutions offers one of the few true dedicated symmetrical 1.5 Mbps point to point T1 connections to the internet available in the marketplace today. Extended Office Solutions owns, operates and manages the connection with end to end Cisco hardware from your point of business all the way to our data center housed at One Wilshire, Los Angeles – the premier communications hub of the Pacific Rim. Your business is then placed directly onto a high bandwidth, high capacity connection to the internet. Extended Office Solutions maintains, manages and assumes full responsibility and control over the connection route it provides. This allows Extended Office Solutions to guarantee the bandwidth, latency and reliability to a degree that is not possible with other T1 providers.

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