Call Recording

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The EOS Recording module allows for real-time storage, subsequent conversion, and management of raw media that is being processed by the EOS Core. It can be accessed by web administration or via API by the Portal module to enhance the user experience and integrate the functionality to specific applications.

The recording of calls in a hosted VoIP solution is crucial to the service provider for both marketing and operational reasons. From the marketing perspective, service providers need the ability to give their clients the option to record calls for quality monitoring, training, or simply for future reference. This is becoming the norm in the industry today. From an operations perspective, legal requirements like CALEA may require a service provider to be able to record calls for law enforcement purposes.

The recording server is modeled as the collection function (LICF) of the Packet Cable CALEA specification and serves to manage media streams that are being generated by the Delivery Function (LIDF) within the EOS Core. The Recording module, when deployed in conjunction with the EOS Core, can provide for powerful portal based and in-call call recording options.

Key Features

API (Portal) Driven Recording Controls

Mid-Call Recording Controls

Virtualization Ready

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