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Zoho Corporation is a technology company based in India that offers a cloud-based software suite and SaaS applications for businesses.


  • Native integration via Zoho REST API
  • Click-to-dial on any page
  • Caller info screen pop
  • Log inbound/outbound calls automatically
  • Easy note taking on any page in your browser
  • Relate to opportunities, cases & custom objects

How it Works

EOS Cloud Hosted PBX can seamlessly connect with Zoho CRM in a matter of minutes, allowing organizations to capture every customer and prospect interaction, increase productivity, reduce response time and build better relationships.

  1. Social Profile Integration
  2. Contact Photo
  3. Record Type
  4. Send Email or Invite to Video Conference
  5. Write Notes or CC Colleagues Using @mentions
  6. Automatically Create Follow Up Tasks
  7. Log Call Dispositions / Update Fields
  8. Log Calls Against Cases / Opportunities
  9. Review Call Activities

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Increase Productivity & Reduce Response Time

EOS Cloud strategic partnership with Tenfold enables click to dial on any phone number in Zoho CRM, eliminating time spent manually dialing numbers. Our integration automatically logs all your calls with accurate call data, letting reps immediately move on to the next call and ensuring data integrity.

EOS Cloud solutions help your team measure and reduce response time to inbound leads through its native connection to Zoho CRM helping improve conversion rates and capture more value on marketing spend.

Advanced Data & Reporting

  • Advanced analytics dashboard and reporting
  • Company-wide, team-based and user analytics
  • Real-time and historic data
  • Total Calls/Talk-time
  • Average talk time
  • Connect rate by hour
  • Lead response time
  • Gamification/Leaderboards